Special Program Briefing On The Tuition And Miscellaneous Fee(S) Exemptions For The 1st And 2nd Year Students Transferring To Kinmen Location In 2023-24 Ay

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Congratulations to all freshmen! Ming Chuan University is the right choice for you. You will learn a lot at Ming Chuan University and make some achievements in your studies. In order to provide more choices for new students, the “Special discount program for 1st and 2nd year students transferring to Kinmen Location in 2023-24 AY” allows all new students to enjoy the fun of multi-faceted university life through the Learn Away from Home Program. The features of Kinmen Location are small class sizes and diverse students, but the faculty members and courses are the same as on the main campuses in Taiwan. Therefore, all five campus locations of Ming Chuan University cooperate with each other and share one brand and reputation.

Those who have already graduated from MCU Kinmen Location cultivated solid foundations through the small class sizes during their 1st and 2nd years at Kinmen Location, then completed their 3rd and 4th years of study on Taipei or Taoyuan campus. Their academic performance was beyond that of other students. Some of them are even pursuing further study in masters’ programs at Ming Chuan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chengchi University, National Chiao Tung University, National Chung Cheng University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Sun Yat-sen University, National Taiwan University of Arts, Shih Hsin University, and famous overseas institutions, such as The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Melbourne, King’s College London and University of Southampton.

Students who apply to study at MCU Kinmen Location will be granted a subsidy from the MCU special program. Students who pass a learning project through the counseling of “Department Learning Project” during the study period at Kinmen Location will be granted NTD 10,000 for each project, the maximum amount is NTD 50,000 per semester, and NTD 200,000 for two years. Furthermore, students can also apply for a scholarship of NTD 10,000 (without applying for any government subsidy) and NTD 4,000 in transportation and book vouchers per year from Kinmen County Government. Students can also enjoy social welfare supported by Kinmen County government (students must transfer their household registration to MCU Kinmen Location after the beginning of the semester), to have special discount for round trip aircraft ticket from Kinmen to Taipei as residents of an outlying island. Furthermore, students can apply for Kinmen Transportation Card to take the free Kinmen County buses and ferries between Big and Little Kinmen. Students can also apply for other scholarships, the same as students studying at any campus location of Ming Chuan University.

Kinmen Location is the most active new location of MCU and is best equipped for connections across the strait and for taking on the world. Kinmen Location not only has the excellent tradition of MCU education, but also cooperates with the 985 Program in Mainland China. Kinmen Location was built to cultivate professional talents equipped with global view, to have a grasp on the development trend of cross-strait communications and tourism. Kinmen Location has recruited excellent Mainland China students, Overseas Chinese students, international students and domestic students, an internationalized campus that provides the best learning environment. Kinmen Location is next to Kinmen Cultural Park, Kinmen History and Folk Museum and Kinmen University Kinsha Campus, making it not only the best environment for nature and humanity, but also a key cross-strait location for the Mini-Three-Links. Kinmen Location provides an environment in which Mainland China students, Overseas Chinese students, international students and domestic students may study and experience diverse university life at different MCU campus locations. This special experience precious for their university years and for their lives.

Kinmen Location has established Radio and TV Department and Leisure and Recreation Management Department(link is external); curriculum and faculty members hold to the same high standards as on Taipei and Taoyuan Campuses. The features of these two Departments are as follows:

Voice of MC Kinmen FM88.3(link is external), an on-campus practice radio station, was established to allow students to take internships and interact with their audience through broadcasts, to function as an educational platform and to cultivate students with overall management ability in broadcast media. Currently, the Digital Media Lab at Kinmen Location includes VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Mixed Reality), VR 360 product photography and iArtist technology, which is a big platform for Internet video through the Student Recording Studio and Voice of MC Kinmen. This platform is also used to produce numerous digital online courses to be a digital media technology educational resource for all residents and students on Kinmen.

Kinmen Water Park(link is external) was established with equipment related to healthy recreation, including canoeing, windsurfing, golf, paintball, bicycling and camping. Along with the Professional Baking Classroom and Test Kitchen, and Kinmen MC Hotel, not only can the students of Leisure and Recreation Management Department enjoy the best learning environment, with “learning through fun and having fun while learning”, but the residents of Kinmen can have better place for fun. Kinmen MC Hotel(link is external) has quad rooms, double rooms and superior double rooms, which provide students with practical experience while they are studying in theoretical courses, implementing professional education based on hotel operations. In addition, an International Etiquette Course cultivates students with the hosting skills they will need for hotel management.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about the curriculum, faculty members and learning environment at Kinmen Location through calling (082)355-233 Ext. 7510, or visit MCU Kinmen Location website (http://kinmen.mcu.edu.tw)(link is external).

The Learn Away From Home Program at Kinmen Location is set up for 2+2 mode (2 years in Kinmen, 2 years in Taiwan); the 1+3 mode (1 year in Kinmen, 3 years in Taiwan) will be implemented if there are sufficient openings.

1st Priority: First-year students in the School of Communication and School of Tourism, who agree to transfer to study at Radio and TV Department or Leisure and Recreation Management Department at Kinmen Location for the 1st year and are willing to study at Kinmen Location for the 2nd year will have the 1st priority. All new MCU students can apply for this special program to study at Kinmen Location and agree to transfer to study at Radio and TV Department or Leisure and Recreation Management Department at Kinmen Location for the 1st year and complete two years of study there.

2nd Priority: First-year students in the School of Communication and School of Tourism, who agree to transfer to study at Radio and TV Department or Leisure and Recreation Management Department at Kinmen Location for the 1st year and plan to transfer to study at MCU in Taiwan for the 2nd year (All credits taken at Kinmen Location are accepted by the respective Department, and students can study in that Department in Taiwan from the 2nd year curriculum).

(Students who apply for this special program with a financial need certificate will have priority with the same sequence. Students in the same sequence without financial need certificate will be ranked based on their General Scholastic Ability Test score.)

Students are please to fill in the application(link is external) form after careful discussion with parents, then send the application form to Kinmen Location (105 De Ming Rd., Jinsha Township, Kinmen County 890, Taiwan) by prompt registered mail before July 12, 2023 (postmark serves as a proof). This special program has been implemented for 6 years; students are welcome to ask the seniors for further information, and Kinmen Location is most willing to provide relevant information.


Ming Chuan University

April 10, 2023