Four-Person Dormitory for Students

Each suite is equipped with its own bathroom, single beds, desks, wardrobes and lockers to provide students a comfortable environment for learning. 360-degree View


Faculty Suites

Each room is equipped with its own bathroom, two single beds, a wardrobe, a desk and a sofa to provide faculty members a comfortable environment for resting.


Deluxe Room

Each room is equipped with its own bathroom, a double bed, a wardrobe, a sofa, a desk and a locker to provide honored guests a comfortable environment for resting.


Room Specifications and Accommodation Fee

  • Room specification: 4-person Room.
  • Bed specification: High-density board bed frame, mattress, mattress protector, quilt and pillow. Residents should prepare their own bed sheets.
  • Bed size: Length 200cm width100cm
  • Accommodation fee: 11,000 NTD for one single bed each semester

Room Equipment

  • Electronic swipe card door lock and one room card for each resident (Deposit for each room card is 200 NTD, deposit will be returned when the door card is returned upon moving out.).
  • One bed, one desk, one Internet cable, and one shared mini-refrigerator
  • One telephone in each room, which can be used for outgoing and incoming calls and room-to-room connections
  • One closet for each resident (height 200cm, width 60cm, depth 60cm, divided into 3 compartments)
  • A shared sink with vanity and a bathroom in the room (Residents should prepare their own hand towel, bath towel, and toiletry items.)
  • Under-window shoe cabinet in which each student has one compartment to hold 2 pairs of shoes
  • Air conditioner is operated with a pre-paid card. To save energy, please turn off the air conditioner when leaving the room.

Other facilities

  • 1st floor dining area (One each of rice cooker, microwave, and steamer machine are provided).
  • 3rd floor glass curtain laundry area (4 coin-operated washing machines and 4 dryers are provided).